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Activities for children

Sneak in on Mörksuggan's trail!

The tricky questions are suitable for children from 6 years. Smaller children can only look for Dark Sows.

I have hidden in dark corners of the museum.
Bring the family, be enchanted by the mystery and come here and look for me!

The dark suction booklet is picked up at the reception.

Mörksuggan's buddy bingo!

Find Mörksuggan's animal friends.

Compete against yourself or against a friend.

Suitable for ages 9 and up.
Bingo cards are picked up at the reception

The tannery - Children's workshop

At Dalarna's museum, large and small visitors are welcomed this summer to our children's workshop where there are free activities that you can do on your own.

Community fabric
Welcome to weave in our large wall frames this summer! Weave freely with different materials and contribute to a large community weave. It is free for both big and small to experiment. We look forward to seeing the weaves grow during the summer.

Color a valley painting
Be inspired by our valley painting collection and color your own valley painting.

Create houses in paper
Create houses from ready-made templates that you color, cut out and glue together into small house models. Ask for materials at the reception and sit in our children's workshop to work on your own.


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