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Building antiquarian

Hire a building antiquarian

Dalarnas Museum has for a long time worked with the landscape's settlement history in the form of advice, inventories and documentation, antiquarian participation, building matters, opinions on building matters and general and detailed planning. The County Museum has a long-term responsibility for building knowledge about Dalarna's settlement history, building maintenance, industrial environments, the cultural landscape, church environments, cultural tourism and more.


Advice in building history, building maintenance, church environments, conservation issues, detailed plan work and more.

Antiquarian participation

Churches and church environments, protected buildings.

Inventories, documentation and other services

Inventories of culturally and historically valuable buildings and buildings, building monument investigations, documentation of buildings and facilities from log houses and cemeteries to mining environments, fire towers and bridges, assignments in general and detailed plan work, care and maintenance programs.

Cultural tourism and knowledge transfer

Development program for cultural-historical environments, sign texts, lectures on Dalarna's settlement history, brochures and publications.

We are happy to carry out assignments that in various ways are linked to the history of buildings and cultural environments. They can often be tailored to the customer's wishes.

Contact: byggnadsvard@dalarnasmuseum.se


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