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Guided tours

Memories from Dalarna

Why is the Selma Lagerlöf statue in the middle of Falun? Why did the valley people need their own walk-in closet? What did the farmers think a crocodile looked like in the 1700th century and how did a small painted wooden horse become a symbol for all of Sweden?

These are some of the questions answered during this tour through the museum's most popular exhibits.
We tell about the people, the craft and the forward-thinking spirit that has characterized Dalarna throughout history and is reflected in our days.

Enrich your museum visit with a guided tour.

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 20 people.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Children up to the age of 17 join for free with a paying adult.

Dressed in the clothes of the Dalarna valley people for everyday life and parties

Dalarna has over forty different parish-specific costumes. Some of the costumes span four hundred years of clothing and fashion development, which in turn has created a whole wardrobe of clothes for different festivals and seasonal uses. Other costumes have been created during the 1900th century and have been used as costumes on special occasions.
The costumes of the Dalars have always fascinated and been an expression of identity, pride, community and, not least, craftsmanship.

With the exhibition "Dressed in Dalarna" we want to tell about the region's rich costume traditions throughout history. Talk about how the parish costumes developed and varied, the changes in society and the impact of the economy on desire and ability to adapt to new fashions and imported materials.


Selma Lagerlof

At the museum, the study from Selma Lagerlöf's faluvilla is reconstructed. We can provide screenings with many different entrances into the life of the successful author. Request the theme that suits your group best.

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 20 people.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Hagström 4ever

AB Albin Hagström began manufacturing accordions in 1931, but it was the guitars that took the Hagström name worldwide. The show gives a short version of the story of the small family business in Älvdalen that conquered the music world. A success story about music and popular culture, but also about entrepreneurship, industry and production.

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 20 people.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Dalecarian painting

Lush gourd bits from valley painters in Leksand and Rättvik are familiar to everyone. But how did Rättvik painters paint at the homes of their main customers, the big farmers in Hälsingland? What do we know about how the farming population painted in southern Dalarna - and what is the situation with Falun's many but often overlooked painters? Come and learn more about the diversity of Dalarna's interior painting,
its material, expression and dissemination. Maybe valley painting is more than you thought!

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 20 people.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Viewing for children:
Paw through the museum

Mörksuggans animal companions can be found throughout the museum, painted in paintings or as sculptures and objects. Join our little creature and help her find all her friends again. With our mischievous dark sow sitting on the guide's basket, we discover the museum together and get to learn more about Dalarna and its history in a playful way.

Rec. age 4-10 years.
Accompanying guardian joins for free.

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 10 children.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

City walk for children: Paw through Falun

Mörksuggan has hidden a treasure and does not want to tell you where it is. Luckily, we got hold of a map! A city walk for children where we playfully discover and explore the city and its history. Come along and look for the treasure! The trip is a repeat of last summer's popular historical treasure hunt.

Rec. age 4-10 years.
NOTE. Participating children must be accompanied by a responsible adult during the walk.

Can be booked April-October

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 8 children.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

City walk:
Visible and invisible

The 1600th century is an interesting and important period in Falun's history. Join us on a tour where we show both what is visible in today's city and, with the help of archaeological results, tell us about what is hidden beneath the surface.

Start outside the Dalarna museum. We walk about 3 km together. ATTENTION! The tour is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs where we walk on an uneven path over the slag heaps.

Can be booked May-September

The viewing can be booked for groups of up to 30 people.
Contact us at bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Book a guided tourg

Get more out of your museum visit

Through a viewing of our exhibitions, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of Dalarna's cultural history.
We offer viewings for, for example, school classes, SFI, associations, tourist trips and private parties.
The recommended maximum size for a group is 20 people.
Send your booking request to bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Price for groups:

Existing viewings during regular opening hours SEK 2000 (group of 10-20 people).
Customized viewings and groups of more or less than 10-20 people according to quotation.

For school screenings


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