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Guided tours

Lunch Show - Mr. Fridell and Mr. Simmons

Date(s): September 28
Time: at 12.00 – 13
Price: 95 SEK / person
Shown by Anna-Lena Rågfälts

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Come along to a screening and lecture about one of our greatest graphic artists, the faluson Axel Fridell. His most famous graphic magazine Mr. Simmons has become a symbol of Swedish graphics when it is like
best. Axel Fridell was a restless soul and during his short life was often on the move. His images of cities and interiors and portraits are depicted with a confident gaze and captured with a
fantastic feeling for the light, the black and the gray scales in between.

Lunch show - My feeling for you is not ugly...

Date(s): October 26
Time: at 12.00 – 13
Price: 95 SEK / person
Shown by Marina Andersson

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Selma Lagerlöf has sometimes received criticism from literary researchers of older times for having described love scenes in a dreary and bland way in her books. Explanation for many has been
that as an unmarried woman she herself had not experienced love and therefore could not describe it. But is it really true? Join us on a guided tour of Selma Lagerlöf's relationships with others
women in the center, what importance they had in her life and how the contemporaries viewed homosexuality.

Lunch screening – AB Albin Hagström

Date(s): November 23
Time: at 12.00 – 13
Price: 95 SEK / person
Shown by Ann Olander

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"Per Albin Hansson built the community center, Ingvar Kamprad furnished it and the Hagström family filled it with music."
That's how Hagström's importance to Swedish music history could be described. AB Albin Hagström began manufacturing accordions in 1931, but it was the guitars that took off

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Get more out of your museum visit

Through a tour of our exhibitions, you get an in-depth knowledge of Dalarna's cultural history. We offer tours for, for example, school classes, SFI, associations, tourist trips and private parties.
The recommended maximum size for a group is 25 people.
Send your booking request to bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Price for groups:

During regular opening hours, Tue-Fri:
SEK 570 up to 5 people. Over 5 people add SEK 95 / person. Accompanying children / youth under 20 years free.
Maximum price SEK 1 (corresponding to 520 people).

Outside regular opening hours, red days and Sat and Sun:
SEK 1 up to 140 people. Over 5 people add SEK 5 / person. Accompanying children / youth under 190 years free.
Maximum price SEK 3 (corresponding to 040 people).

The cost for caretakers is added for bookings outside regular opening hours of SEK 678 / started hour.

For school screenings


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