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We archaeologists who work at Dalarna's museum have a long experience of and great knowledge of the landscape's ancient monuments. We have for a long time carried out a number of investigations, inventories and inspections throughout the landscape, which is why the museum has an extensive archaeological collection of objects and a considerable archaeological archive. The County Museum has a long-term responsibility for building knowledge about Dalarna's history and within the museum there is also expertise in building maintenance, building history, industrial environments, cultural tourism, exhibition production, pedagogy, archives and object care etc.

Archaeological investigations

Archaeological investigations and surveys, inventories and landscape analyzes.

Cultural-historical planning documents

Preliminary studies, inventories, documentation, cultural environment investigations and cultural environment programs in connection with impact assessments and planning.

Forest historical planning documentation

Inventories, planning documentation and marking for forestry measures, Forest and History.

Cultural tourism and knowledge transfer

Development programs for cultural-historical environments, sign texts, lectures on Dalarna's older history and archaeological methodology, excursions and courses, brochures and publications, exhibitions.

We are happy to carry out assignments that in various ways are linked to archeology and cultural environments. They can often be tailored to the customer's wishes.

Contact: Greger Bennström, project coordinator


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