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Photo: Lars Dahlström

Dressed in Dalarna – the clothes of the valley people for everyday life and parties

Date: Vernissage June 17
Time: Coming later

Finally we get to present Little Kersti, Big Kersti, Beautiful Karin and all the others in the exhibition Dressed in Dalarna.

Intensive work has been going on with demolishing-building-constructing in our costume and textile exhibition, while dolls are being dressed and decorated. The exhibition has been expanded with a new room that made room for more and more treasures from our collection. A costume and textile exhibition 2.0 with new, familiar and more glitter and bling-bling.

Illustration: Frida Mård

Dalarna Folk Fashion Weekend

Date: 15-17 September
Time: See program
Price: SEK 2000 / person
Ticket release March 15.

A colorful and exclusive weekend at Dalarna museum!
Do you love costumes, fashion, arts and crafts? Curious beginner or experienced textile connoisseur - You must not miss the chance to meet like-minded people and revel in textiles during this weekend.

A weekend full of workshops, screenings, lectures, debate, market, catwalk, costume parade, dinner with entertainment and opening of Karin Ferner's new exhibition.

The tickets go on sale March 15. Stay tuned and secure your place at the most festive event of the year.

Program and more information

Dalarna Museum, Dalarna Antiquities and Homeland Association and Dalarna Home Crafts Association with contribution from Region Dalarna

Photo: Ingela Sannesjö

Karin Ferner - EXTRA EVERYTHING and a little more - Lad, slims and crowns in a spirit of recycling

Date: Vernissage September 15
Time: Coming later

An exhibition of jewelery and objects with renewal and reuse of colour, form, feeling, tradition and beauty. All with an unfailing focus on Dalarna.

The exhibition runs until November 12

Here you will find more temporary and upcoming exhibitions.


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