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Here we publish press information about what is going on at Dalarna's museum.

Press from year 2021 is available his.
Press from the year 2022 can be found here

During the spring term, a solid program selection is offered at the Dalarna museum. The audience can immerse themselves in topics such as Sami, cool hills, valley painters and archeology in the world heritage.

A novelty among spring's concepts is the program "Things that speak". There, the audience is invited to the auditorium in the new warehouse building in the Tallen area for an in-depth lecture and a look at some objects that are not otherwise shown in the exhibitions in the museum building.

"We hope that our audience, both those who have known us from before but also many new ones, will find programs they like in the now rather varied bouquet of features at the museum," says
Christer Björklund, county museum manager, Dalarna museum. Here there is something for both young and old, for the whole family, for those interested in history, art, Sami culture and much, much more.

"Our goal is to offer a program activity that is both broad and deep," says Anna Lögdqvist, VO manager Publika, Dalarna museum. "During our theme days, the audience really gets to revel in a topic by offering several program points on the same theme during one day. We also try to reach more target groups with more targeted programs," continues Anna.

For families with children, there is the concept of "Family Sunday", with screenings and a creative workshop, recurring once a month, while the Friday matinees where we show films from our film archive have become a popular feature with the slightly older ones. For those who cannot get to the museum building in Falun, a number of hybrid programs are offered, i.e. where the lectures are also streamed to a digital audience.

The complete program can be read on the Dalarna museum's website. If a physical folder is desired, this can be picked up at the reception at the Dalarna museum.

Anna Lögdqvist, director of public operations, Dalarna museum
anna.logdqvist@dalarnasmuseum.se, 023-666 55 26

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