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Here we publish press information about what is going on at Dalarna's museum.

Press from year 2021 is available his.


Britt Eklund and Knapp Lennart Persson guide us around the surrounding farm, Jelkgården in Kärvsåsen, Boda, which they have carefully preserved and developed.
All of the farm's buildings have been renovated with great regard for the original design and two new buildings have been built in timber so that the surrounding farm yard can be experienced in its entirety today. Local building culture has guided the design of details as well as the placement of buildings. The measures are imbued with traditional materials and methods.
Feel free to bring a picnic basket and blanket and we'll have coffee together and talk about building care after the screening. In case of rain, we go into the couple's cabin. After coffee there is an opportunity to visit the textile chamber, housed in the old farmhouse.

Welcome to us!

Saturday 10 September at 14:00-15:30
Address: Kärvsåsens byväg 12, Boda, Rättvik

Limited accessibility, the farm is not disabled-friendly. Grass slopes and high thresholds.
WC is available. Parking is available adjacent to the farm. See signs.

Malena Andersson 023-666 55 15

organizers: Dalarna's building conservation award with Dalarna's Antiquities and Homeland Association, Dalarna's museum, Falu Rödfärg and the County Administrative Board in Dalarna.

Press information as pdf

FLOCK - scenic dance festival 16-17 September 2022
The magazine and Dalarna's museum, Falun

Finally, Falun and Dalarna can present the scenic dance festival FLOCK. A festival that, with various artistic expressions, draws inspiration from the collective togetherness that arises on a dance floor. FLOCK is a festival for those who want to dance themselves, for those who want to see dance works and for those who just want to mingle among dancing people.

During two colorful autumn days in September, FLOCK gathers choreographers, dancers and musicians from a wide variety of fields and genres at Magasinet in Falun. What they all have in common is that they all take social dancing as a starting point for their artistic creation. Dance performances, workshops, installations, conversations, mingling and boiling dance floors for those who want to dance.

FLOCK presents the highly current Viktor Fröjds Festen, Norwegian Kartellets Kom du ned and fetch me again, Johansson's Geraniums and Dans Medelgympa, Ami & Ellikas If you play, I dance, Dancing Dots with Olof Misgeld, light and sound artists Jan Carleklev and Sara Lindström Sonotopes and Daniella and Erik Eriksson with the works Ranunculus and Perspectives.

- The experience of being on a boiling dance floor has always been a great source of inspiration in my choreographic work. To share the wordless experience of time, space and movement with other bodies. Through FLOCK, I wanted to create a meeting place for art that in different ways, and through different scenic expressions, takes its starting point in that experience, says Anna Öberg, initiator of FLOCK.

FLOCK is a collaboration between Folkmusikens hus, Anna Öberg, Dalateatern, Magasinet and Dalarnas museum.

FLOCK - a dance festival for those who long to meet stage dance in a social setting!

For more info: folkmusikenshus.se/flock


Lotta Johansson, Lotta.johansson@folkmusikenshus.se 0707-280411
Anna Öberg, info@annaoberg.se 073-0398125

“HERE SHOULD THE CABINET STAND! Painted furniture from the museum's magazine ”

In the exhibition “Here the cabinet should stand! Painted furniture from the museum's magazine ”we show painted folk furniture from our collections in a way you have never seen them before and in an unprecedented scope.

Dalarna's museum is making a major move to new magazines and this ongoing long-standing process means new opportunities to display the collections. The vast majority of objects in this exhibition have never been shown before. Therefore, it is extra fun to take the opportunity to show them off as a stop on the way from the old magazine to the new.

It is a unique opportunity to now be able to show so many of the painted folk objects at the same time and it will be a tribute to this ever-present and distinctive folk art in Dalarna. Which in everyday life evokes different kinds of emotions, from leading to the deepest fascination. Presented in this way, we hope that the painted furniture and the other objects will affirm, strengthen and perhaps arouse new wonder and a deepened interest in the visitor for the history and the original design language that they represent.


For more info contact:

Ann Olander, exhibition antiquarian - ann.olander@dalarnasmuseum.se

Sebastian Selvén, antiquarian - sebastian.selven@dalarnasmuseum.se

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Photo: Ryan Garrison


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