Start / The "dark sow" track - mörksuggespåret

The "dark sow" track - mörksuggespåret

The tricky questions are suitable for children from 6 years. Smaller children can only look for dark sows.

Sneak in the trail of the dark sow!

Bring your family and sneak in Mörksuggan's trail and solve tricky tasks along the way!

In the past, people in Dalarna told scary stories about me to scare the children. I have hidden in dark corners of the museum.
Bring the family, be enchanted by the mystery and come here and look for me!

This is what a righteous man said:
. I remember it as it would have happened yesterday. Yet it is more than eighty years ago.
Mom walked with determined steps towards the front door and shouted:
-Come here dark sucker!
We mischievous children became completely still, the blood froze to ice, we stared at the door.
My little sister and I sat still on the sofa.
I do not think there was anyone in the doorway, but we immediately became quiet and calm…

In the past, children were frightened from going out into the dark with the dark sow. Today, the dark sow is a protective creature that scares away the darkness.