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The Museum and the GDPR

As of 25 May 2018, the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies throughout the EU, it replaces the previous Personal Data Act (PUL)

Dalarna Museum follows this ordinance.

What is a personal information?
The term personal data includes all information that can identify an individual person who is alive. Such information can be name, social security number, address, photographs, audio recordings or video recordings.

Legal basis for our processing of personal data
We process personal data based on the activities we conduct and to fulfill the legal obligations incumbent on us.

When you send or receive e-mail from Dalarna's museum, this means that your personal information will be handled by Dalarna's museum. Information that is stored is primarily the one you share with yourself when you contact us. Your personal information may be disclosed to other authorities or companies if we have a legal obligation to disclose it. Your information can also be handled by our personal data assistants.

When you visit our website, a cookie can be saved on your computer, phone or tablet. It contains information on how to use your browser and can be used to improve your experience. Information such as IP address, operating system and which search engine you use can be used for administrative purposes. This information is anonymized and can not be traced to an individual.

Dalarna Museum uses high security for data stored. Encryption, limited authorization and confidentiality protect the personal data we store.

Your rights
The regulation includes the following rights:

  • You have the right to receive extracts from your personal data and other data we have stored about you, e.g. photographs
  • You have the right to be deleted from our systems
  • You have the right to receive correction of information
  • You have the right to revoke consent to the extent that consent is used

If you have questions, want to request an excerpt, correction or deletion, contact us at info@dalarnasmuseum.se

Contact and information

Anna Brorsson
Administration Manager


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