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Cultural history as a special branch

Dalarnas museum is a county museum in Dalarna and a place for knowledge, with cultural history as a special branch.

The program statement states that Dalarna Museum collects, cares for, investigates and displays objects, stories and knowledge about cultural environments that describe how people in Dalarna have lived, lived, used and moved in the landscape. From ancient times to the present.

A visit to Dalarna's museum can be a pure pleasure, evoke sublime feelings of historical vertigo and create aesthetic and other inspiring experiences for the curious. Such a visit can also contribute to a learning about and to broader perspectives on both today's society and in the past. Such positive expressions in the long run benefit the general well-being of both the valley people and other visitors.

It is with this rather ambitious basic attitude and starting point that Dalarna's museum looks at its activities and tries to develop it.

Concretely and in everyday life, it takes place through exhibitions and program activities of various kinds, through archaeological activities and other cultural environmental initiatives in the built-up Dalarna and through the management of the rich cultural-historical collections.

The beautiful museum building from the early 1960s in hard-burnt brick is located in central Falun. The permanent exhibitions are shown there. But you can also take part in the knowledge in many other ways, e.g. in various publications, through the films the museum produces and through digital media.

A visit to the Dalarna Museum's exhibitions, physical or digital, sheds light on the excitement, dynamics and connection to historical events that prevail in and between the landscape's different areas and time periods. Here in Dalarna are some of Sweden's most traditional regions and performances side by side with industrialized areas and modern Sweden.

A warm welcome to a visit, in the museum building in Falun, around Dalarna, in texts and online.


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