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Organization / Board

Dalarnas museum is a foundation (Stiftelsen Dalarnas museum) and the county museum in Dalarna. The founders are Region Dalarna and Dalarnas Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförbund. The Dalarna region is the main contributor according to the state's cultural cooperation model.

The foundation is managed by a board that numbers 11 members (with 11 deputies) and whose composition consists of people appointed by the founders. The chairman of the board is usually a person appointed by the Dalarna Region. There is also a working committee for the board, consisting of three members from the board.

The board appoints a museum director, who organizes and leads the museum's ongoing work and is a rapporteur on the board. The museum is divided into four areas of activity (departments): Kunskapsbanken which is responsible for the museum's collections, Kulturlandskap which is responsible for the museum's efforts in the cultural environment area, Publika which is responsible for exhibitions and program activities and Customer Service, Office and Operations which brings together the various administrative and administrative functions, incl. reception staff.

Board of Directors

Members appointed by the county council        
Isa Mursal (ordf) (MP) 
Berglund Gunilla (C)
Frank Håkan (M)
Lazar Suzanne (S)
Levahn Lars (S)
Sacrédeus Lennart (KD)
Bigitta Sohlberg (S)

Ardesjö Maj (MP)
Berglund Annakari (S)
Hållberg Julia (M)
Larsson Joakim (M)
Rousu Peter (S)
Stridh Joanna (C)
Thenander Ann Cecilia (S)

Members appointed by the DFHF
Andersson Anna-Karin
Bodin Jon
Montelius Jan-Olof 
Nilsson Staffan
Substitutes appointed by DFHF
Andersson-Murmester Inga
Ilis Gertrud Substitute
Olerås Kristoffer
Tranberg Olle

Adjunct members from Falu municipality
Unicorn Catharina (M)
Andersson Kristina (S) replacement

Co-opted members from Dalarna County Council
Malin Lagergren (22 / 9-10)

Other co-opted
Björklund Christer, Landsantikvarie / Länsmuseichefef
Brorsson Anna, Administrative Manager

Gruvris Inga Revisor ord. DFHF and DM
Lundh Lars Revisor ord. Falu kommun S
Reyier Lena Auditor words. County Council C
Forsling Emil Revisor (aukt.) DM
VACANT Auditor ers. Falu municipality
Örjas Birgitta Auditor ers. Landstinget S