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Archeology in Dalarna

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Archeology in Dalarna
Dalarnas Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförbunds årsbok 2016

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Archeology in Dalarna
Dalarna Antiquities and Homeland Association yearbook 2016
By Eva Carlsson, Greger Bennström, Maria Lannerbro Norell, Joakim Wehlin

During the long period of time covered by the book, about 350 generations of hills and valley men with different geographical, ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural backgrounds have met, supported, mixed and together created life and forms of society under widely differing conditions. They are not only our forerunners, but they affect us more than we realize. The forest lands that were cleared for grazing and cultivation during the Iron Age and early Middle Ages are largely the same as today's open lands. Likewise, many of our villages, stretches of road, summer pastures, settlements and parishes, while others are even older. Our forests are characterized by human activities and the traces of settlements, hunting and animal husbandry are many. Behind the physical tracks, we sense knowledge, ways of thinking, religious beliefs, organizational and ownership forms, methods and techniques that we largely use today. But we also find it different and foreign. It is striking how many current societal issues have parallels and touches in the prehistoric societies. When we today discuss resource management, food production, long-term sustainability, migration and integration, power structures, gender order, war and conflict resolution, we should look at how previous generations have addressed the issues.


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