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Dala modernism-Building in Dalarna 1930-1980

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Dala modernism-Building in Dalarna 1930-1980
Dalarnas Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförening's yearbook 2020

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Dala modernism-Building in Dalarna 1930-1980
Dalarna Antiquities and Homeland Association yearbook 2020
By Malena Andersson, Lars Jönses, Adam Mol, Kristoffer Ärnbäck

The book Dalamodernismen has its origins in one of Dalarna's museums-initiated documentation projects about the buildings of modernism. The goal was to find out what was built in Dalarna during the period 1930–1980 and to document what was left of buildings from the modern era in the landscape.

The traditional building condition of the Upper Dalarna was noticed long before the modern era, so it became interesting to investigate whether modernism was considered problematic or if one tried to adapt it and if so, how. Was it possible to discover how modernism's buildings and environments related to the traditional building condition in Dalarna? How had one related to the log house culture, the villages, the red mud color and the cultural landscape? Was modernism to a greater extent affirmed in the Dalabergslagen where the heavier industry dominated? From the questions was born the concept of Dala modernism, which is also found in the book's title. The concept intentionally has a wide range. On the one hand, it simply refers to the buildings of modernism
within the Dalarna landscape. On the other hand, it answers precisely the questions of whether and in what way modernism's buildings in Dalarna related to the traditional building culture.



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