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Times of change

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Times of change
Dalarnas Hembygdsförbund's yearbook 2021.


Times of change
Dalarnas Hembygsdförbund's yearbook 2021
Div. Author

We can read about the emergence of Swedish democracy, about women's struggle as well as Gustav Vasa's history in various forms of truth and legend, in this yearbook, which deals with anniversaries which give
perspectives and different ways of seeing and interpreting our history. Maybe it is the celebration of an event that gives us a historical perspective on our existence? One of this year's anniversaries is women's suffrage, or rather the equal and universal suffrage, which was also about women's equality with men. When we go really far back in history to celebrate what has happened, events can become our own special story that through centuries has been embroidered, given appropriate additions and traded to take the form of a legend. The event may not even tell you about something that really happened. This is exactly the case with Gustav Vasa's adventures in Dalarna in the 1520s. Events, real or fictional, came to life around the turn of the last century and are consolidated through
memorial stones and celebrations. In this way, the story, legend or anecdote lives on. We listen and marvel.


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