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Painting with Dark Suction, A4

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Painting with Dark Suction, A4

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Painting, black frame, A4 with motif of Dark Sow.

. I remember it as it would have happened yesterday. Yet it is more than eighty years ago.

Mother resolutely went to the door and shouted:

-Come in a dark vacuum.

The just so hot blood with us froze close enough to ice, my hair sat as pierced, my eyes stared and my legs gave way, when I got hold of my little sister's arm and tried to get to the folding bench in front of the big double bed. I do not think anything was visible in the doorway, but it became silent instantly…

In the past, children were frightened with Mörksuggan. Today, Mörksuggan is a protective creature that protects and scares away the darkness…

Available in two different motifs.


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