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Suit and textile

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Dalarna - the landscape with the most folk costumes

Our landscape has perhaps the country's most extensive, well-known and still often used costumes. Of course, it is usually the fine clothes that are preserved and they do not just tell about the galley and gold edge in the often tough everyday life. They also talk about strict social control where the skirt length was as important as the boundaries of the potato field and where married women poked hairs under the hood with a stocking stitch. The idea of ​​a veil to hide the female pleasures is not an immigrant phenomenon in Sweden.

Carefully sewn clothes lasted longer and what was worn was then used everyday. A särk that ended up in a stand has over 50 pieces, but still holds together.

A selection of all the approximately 50 parish costumes in the museum's magazine is displayed, while we also highlight details, materials and manufacturing methods in various stands.


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