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Selma Lagerlof

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Welcome home to Selma Lagerlöf in Falun.

The porch door is open and the hall's panel is freshly painted. The gloomy library is intact from the heaviest book to the finest letterpress. The room calls for tripping caution, it feels like you are poking at someone's peace of mind when you step over the threshold. Here she wrote great stories.

But outside the library, another Selma is present. The Selma who loved theater and had her own chair in Falu Gamla Teater's salon. The Selma who devoted herself to clothes and shoes, ordered hats and pondered over today's style combinations. The Selma who backed away from social contexts and often felt lost in fine cultural circles. The Selma who was magnificently courted on her 50th birthday by the school children in Falun and who was happy about it.

Selma Lagerlöf was successful as a writer in Sweden and also abroad during her years in Falun, but she reserved a place in her heart for the rough and tumble. She thrived best on the "mining side" of the city, the one that was barren and treeless and lay in the shadow of the mine. And she was clearly fond of Tisken. The polluted little lake where all the shit from Faluån is stuck and where not even the seabirds want to take their morning dip.

"… I have such a wonderfully warm and quiet study in my villa that it is a help at work."

Selma Lagerlöf lived in Falun from 1897. The villa she bought in 1907 and owned until her death in 1940, address Villavägen 34-36, has now been demolished, but her library and workroom from there were rebuilt in 1985 in part of the extension to Dalarna's museum, which then stood ready.

In Falun, Selma Lagerlöf wrote, among other things, En herrgårdssägen, Jerusalem del 1 & 2, Herr Arne's penningar, Kristuslegender, Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey through Sweden and Tösen from Stormyrtorpet.


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