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Temporary/upcoming exhibitions

Current exhibitions

3/12-2022 – 30/4-2023


For a long time there has been a Sami population in Dalarna, Gävleborgs and
Västmanland county. In archives and in folk tradition, a group of people emerges who
lives a little on the side, but still in symbiosis with, the surrounding society. Although
the sources are many, we know very little about the Sami cultural history in the region.
There is not only one Sami history: the seasonal stays of the Mountain Sami, parish notes,
Forest Sami industries and Sami on occasional visits are separate phenomena that
leave different traces in the archives as well as in the actual landscape. Who were these
Southern Sámi and how is their cultural heritage expressed?

29/10 – 30/4- 2023 – Extended exhibition period

GUYS AND STUMBS Einar Norelius' picture world

The exhibition shows a selection of Einar "Stubbelius" Norelius (Einar's comrades called him that) illustrations with motifs inspired by our Nordic folk beliefs where it was thought to see beings of various kinds. In pictures, we get to meet trolls who take a siesta under a mushroom or giants who occupy the entire landscape sleeping or waking up. The pictures are in our collections and are a donation from Norelius' daughter May Strandberg.

” – All good things are wood, I usually say. By the way, it was sometime in the thirties as a stump watched on me for the first time! I was sitting by the road waiting for the postman when I felt someone watching me. It was an old stump. Since then it has only continued..." (Interview in the newspaper Christmas spirit 1977)

Upcoming exhibitions in 2023

Ena holds the sea by Cooper & Gorfer 2014

13 May - 20 August

From black and white to colorful
Art that amazes and brings joy 

Photography, graphics, painting and sculpture by nationally and internationally recognized artists. This summer, the Dalarna museum is showing parts of Region Dalarna's art collection, from older black and white to colorful contemporary ones.

The anniversary emblem designed by Elis Nyström.

June 6 - September 3

Carl XVI Gustaf – 50 years for Sweden

Pictures from King Carl Gustaf's visit to Dalarna during his time as Sweden's head of state. The exhibition also contains images from, among other things, councils, solemn audiences, medal distributions and state visits.

Photo: Lars Dahlström

Opens June 17

Dressed in Dalarna-
the valley people's clothes for everyday life and parties

Dalarnas Museum's new costume and textile exhibition

Finally we get to present Little Kersti, Big Kersti, Beautiful Karin and all the others in the exhibition Dressed in Dalarna.

Intensive work has been going on with demolishing-building-constructing in our costume and textile exhibition, while dolls are being dressed and decorated. The exhibition has been expanded with a new room that made room for more and more treasures from our collection. A costume and textile exhibition 2.0 with new, familiar and more glitter and bling-bling.

Old lady with a pipe, painted by Sam Uhrdin

June 17 - September 30

Dressed in art

When 1800th-century artists went to Dalarna to depict the picturesque valley people, the parish costume was in focus. There were national romantic idealizations but also cool women who smoke pipes. During the 1900th century, both Salvation Army soldiers and the occasional physiotherapist were depicted in parish garb.

Photo: Ingela Sannesjö

September 15 - November 12

Karin Ferner - EXTRA EVERYTHING and a little more - Lad, slims and crowns in a spirit of recycling

An exhibition of jewelery and objects with renewal and reuse of colour, form, feeling, tradition and beauty. All with an unfailing focus on Dalarna.


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