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Temporary exhibitions

3/12-2022 – 30/4-2023


For a long time there has been a Sami population in Dalarna, Gävleborgs and
Västmanland county. In archives and in folk tradition, a group of people emerges who
lives a little on the side, but still in symbiosis with, the surrounding society. Although
the sources are many, we know very little about the Sami cultural history in the region.
There is not only one Sami history: the seasonal stays of the Mountain Sami, parish notes,
Forest Sami industries and Sami on occasional visits are separate phenomena that
leave different traces in the archives as well as in the actual landscape. Who were these
Southern Sámi and how is their cultural heritage expressed?

10/12-2022 – 12/3 2023


An exhibition created by three generations in three different Sami art forms

Jon Artur Renhuvud (1946-2016): Wood and horn work
Madeleine Reindeer: Watercolors,
textile printing and poetry
Marika Renhuvud: Dance & joik

The exhibition Aerpie is about
follow their heritage and to develop their culture within this heritage. In this exhibition with associated performance, you can follow three
generations of work within their culture. We will see handicrafts made by Jon Artur Renhuvud (1946-2016) and based on his father's handicrafts
Madeleine Reinhuvud created art,
like her daughter Marika Renhuvud
then worked on two dance films and a dance piece from outside. Through this we can follow three generations of Sami art. Past and present, traditional and innovative. The vision of this project has been to create an understanding of Sami art, how it has looked and how it affects how it looks today. What do we carry with us from what we have seen and learned and what is already inside us from
the birth? Aerpie, an exhibition about the heritage we want to preserve and pass on.

29/10 – 19/2- 2023

GUYS AND STUMBS Einar Norelius' picture world

The exhibition shows a selection of Einar "Stubbelius" Norelius (Einar's comrades called him that) illustrations with motifs inspired by our Nordic folk beliefs where it was thought to see beings of various kinds. In pictures, we get to meet trolls who take a siesta under a mushroom or giants who occupy the entire landscape sleeping or waking up. The pictures are in our collections and are a donation from Norelius' daughter May Strandberg.

” – All good things are wood, I usually say. By the way, it was sometime in the thirties as a stump watched on me for the first time! I was sitting by the road waiting for the postman when I felt someone watching me. It was an old stump. Since then it has only continued..." (Interview in the newspaper Christmas spirit 1977)


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