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Temporary exhibitions

7/5 2022 - 29/1 2023

Painted furniture from the museum's magazine

We show off our painted folk furniture in a way you have never seen before. Dalarna's museum is carrying out a major move to new magazines and this ongoing long-term process means that we will have new opportunities to display our collections. Come in "in the middle of the move" and see cabinets and furniture, from four hundred years and the whole landscape, on their way to new magazines. 

30/4 2022 - 29/1 2023

-seventeenth-century garments hidden behind valley paintings. 

In 2016, Dalarna's museum was able to call in a valley - painted interior from Ingridsgården in the village of Hagen, Dala-Floda through Dalarnas Försäkringsbolags Kulturstiftelse. The valley paintings were made in 1815 and are the only ones preserved after the otherwise unknown toy painter AES (probably Anders Ersson).

These unusual painted wall panels are made by an experienced painter and show a sense of both color and shape. However, there is another side of the coin, or in this case the weave! 

The valley paintings are painted on textile and when we turned them over we could see that the surface they were painted on is possibly even more important than the painting itself: on the back it was clear that the paintings were made on sewn and well-used 1700th century cut garments, a very unusual insight in everyday clothes from older times in the Swedish countryside.

No fewer than nine, possibly ten, shirts have been identified and based on these, one has been reconstructed and sewn up.

For the exhibition, we have also produced a booklet with history, patterns and sewing descriptions for the reconstructed shirt. Available for purchase in the museum shop.

4 / 6 - 21 / 8

Reconstructed caskets of students at Sätergläntan.

The chests in the exhibition are reconstructions of chests from the 1500th and 1600th centuries. The originals are in the collections at Dalarna's museum.

Each box is a collaborative project between two students in year 1 at Sätergläntan - Institute for handicrafts in Insjön, and was carried out for three weeks in the autumn of 2021. The fittings are made by students in the forging education and woodwork by students in the wood education.

The purpose of the part of the course is to create a deeper understanding of how historical objects have been manufactured and used, which in turn gives a new perspective on the craft.

However, the casket is not meant to be replicas. The reconstruction has been carried out with the aim of using the same or similar craft techniques that are believed to have been used for the production of the originals, the end result varies in appearance depending on the interpretation of the original, and that the material availability and quality today is different than when the casket was made about 500 years ago.

1 / 1- 2022- -

Hans Wikström, the valley painters and a biblical motif

An exciting new acquisition for the Dalarna Museum's collections is the mural Hans Wikström's mural, which depicts Jesus' parable of the ten virgins, a popular motif in Swedish folk art. Come to an in-depth knowledge of how this motif has lived in valley painting, songs and folk culture and see a motif in several different valley-painted interpretations.