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Things and fragments from a bygone era

The museum's archaeological collection contains over 15 objects from all over Dalarna. These are both individual objects that were randomly found in the landscape and objects that were found during archaeological excavations and inventories.

The earliest registered objects are a number of stone axes which were received as early as the 1860s. Nowadays, there is a large and varied find material here that reflects the county's history from the oldest Stone Age to the 1800th century. Small and large objects, from millimeter-small beads to large log boats, are crammed onto shelves and cabinets.

Some of the archeological collections consist of the Lannerbro collection. It consists of a unique material from the Stone Age hunting culture, collected by file. Dr. Ragnar Lannerbro for a period of more than 30 years.

The Iron Age is represented in materials from settlements, graves and iron production sites from large parts of Dalarna. Striking is e.g. the "tool set" that was found by Lake Kvien on Malung's Finnmark in the middle of the 1800th century.

In the medieval material there are e.g. objects from Dalarna's two medieval castles, Borganäs in Borlänge and Grådö skans in Hedemora. Typically medieval are also objects from Sweden's northernmost monastery, Gudsberga in Husby parish.

Even more recent materials are abundantly represented in the archaeological collection. These may be objects from the many city excavations in e.g. Falun and Hedemora. The more unique items include some knitted gloves and a hat from the 1600th century.

Researchers and other interested parties are welcome to visit our collections to study the objects in more detail. Visits to our collections take place by appointment and under supervision.

Oval buckle
Oval buckle. Photo: Pär K Olsson


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