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Churches and church environments

One in each parish

The churches are among the oldest buildings in Dalarna and are consistently the buildings with the highest building quality and are the most lavish. Ever since Christianity after around the year 1000, they have been a place for Christian religious practice, that is, worship. But in addition, the churches have gained importance as a gathering point in the countryside. The church as the district's church applies not least in Dalarna, where the historic and large parish church is distinctive in many places in the landscape.

Above all, this category is found in the populous parishes in central and northern Dalarna, such as Stora Tuna, Leksand, Rättvik, Mora, Orsa, Älvdalen, Malung, Ål, Gagnef, Svärdsjö, Grangärde and Stora Skedvi. Several parishes or chapel parishes had later in recent times built or rebuilt larger church buildings such as Söderbärke, Norrbärke, Husby, Garpenberg, By, Folkärna, Nås, Boda, Ore, Sollerön, Bjursås, Lima, Transtrand, Gustafs, Svartnäs, Tyngsjö and Siljansnäs. Vika and Torsång have medieval churches that have changed only to a limited extent. Well-preserved wooden churches from the 1600th and 1700th centuries include Enviken's old church, Amsberg's chapel, Särna old church, Hosjö and Sundborn's churches and Ludvika Ulrika church, Malingsbo church, Mockfjärd's church and Äppelbo church. Stora Kopparberg and Hedemora churches are medieval churches that have been developed into impressive church buildings in an urban environment. Kristine Church in Falun is one of the foremost church monuments from the time of the great powers. Finally, a couple of interesting examples of churches from the era of industrial society can be mentioned, such as Stjärnsund's church in late Gothic style, Grycksbo church in Art Nouveau style and Storsätern's mountain chapel in rustic modernism.


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