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Särna Hembygdsförening and Dalarna's Antiquities and Hembygdsförbund
welcomes the member associations and individual members to

Autumn party

Var: Lomkälla forest and defense museum, Särna
When: Saturday, September 10 at 12:00-16:00

Preliminary program (more detailed program to come)
At 12:00 Lunch at the Preparedness Museum with information from DFHF
At 13:00-16:00 Views of the area
At 16:00 Closing coffee and going home

Remember to have good walking shoes, suitable clothes and possibly hiking poles for walking the grounds! For those of you who do not wish to walk longer distances, there is the option of following along for as long as you like and then returning to the museum and spending more time in the exhibitions.

Register with marina.andersson@dalarnasmuseum.se, and a deposit of SEK 125 per person to the association's bank giro 5604-8564, no later than August 28.
Enter Höstfest, personal name and local association on the voucher.
The fee includes lunch and coffee.
Requests for special diets are communicated to; dalarnas.andersson@dalarnasmuseum.se, or on 023-666 55 46.
ATTENTION! Registration is binding!

Welcome to us!

Print the invitation

A living homeland

To belong somewhere, to feel involved with the place and the people where you live.
To keep the past alive, capture the present and convey our reality to those who come after.

The homeland lives when we work with it. It does not matter if you have lived there for generations or have recently moved, if you live in the city or in the country, which country you were born in or if you are young or old - everyone is welcome. Today, it is also common to have several homelands.

Dalarnas hembygdsförbund (DFHF) has the task of

  • protect the cultural history of Dalarna and its districts
  • work for the care of culture and the environment
  • promote local history research
  • work for children and young people
  • collaborate with county administrative boards, municipalities, popular movements and cultural conservation organizations
  • organize courses, seminars and conferences

In Sweden, the local community movement has just over 400 members, in about 000 associations, of which there are about 1800 in Dalarna in 20 associations!

Local history consultant Marina Andersson
+023-666 55 46
E-Mail: marina.andersson@dalarnasmuseum.se

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When you subscribe to our newsletter, you agree that we store your e-mail address.
Your email address will only be used to send out newsletters.



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