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The Dalarna Hembygdsverbund is an association of local local history and antiquities associations or other associations active in the association's area with similar purposes.

Membership private individuals

Welcome to share the knowledge and feeling for the homeland!

Individuals can become supportive members of DFHF by paying SEK 250 in annual fee. The amount is deposited by bank transfer: 5604-8564. Mark the payment with DFHF and the name and address of the paying person.

As a support member, you get:

  • the yearbook Dalarna
  • the newspaper Dagsverket 4 issue / year
  • discount (20%) on the books of the local community association and the museum
  • participate in the association's activities

Membership associations

Associations can become members of DFHF by sending a letter and its articles of association to the board. The statutes must state that the association is a non-profit non-profit association that is open to everyone. When the board has accepted the association, the association pays the annual fee. The annual fee consists of a fixed and a variable part. The fixed fee is SEK 300. In addition to the fixed fee, a variable part is paid that is a minimum of SEK 600 or SEK 15 per member, but a maximum of SEK 8000. The variable annual fee is distributed with thirteen kronor per member to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and two kronor to DFHF. Foundations and other associations that want to promote the union's purposes can become members in the same way as associations and then pay the fixed fee plus the lowest variable fee, currently SEK 2500. Feel free to contact the local community consultant for questions regarding membership.

The member associations have access to the Swedish Hembygdsförbund's membership benefits.


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