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About the local community association

History of the Hembygdsförbundets

The homeland movement is living with undiminished power. It takes an active part in the public debate, monitors nature and environmental issues, collaborates with the school, study associations and associations and publishes its own yearbooks, publications and newspapers. The idea of ​​protecting our common cultural heritage was born in the early 1900th century. The background was the great social changes of the 1800th century. The young people were at the forefront of the Swedish homeland movement that emerged. They wanted to defend human dignity against the progress of industrialism. Large local community meetings in Dalarna gathered thousands of people to a commitment in the spirit of Karl-Erik Forsslund. Karl-Erik Forsslund's book "Storgården" became a revival book for the emerging homeland movement.

Open-air museums were created with Arthur Hazelius Skansen as a model. Local antiquities and local history associations were formed inspired by the popular youth movement with the goal of working for the present and the future. In Dalarna, in 1905, the foundation was laid for Gagnef's Memorial Cottage, in 1907 Bjursås Ancient Monuments and Local History Association was started, in 1908 the Association Hedemora Gammelgård and Särna Ancient Monuments Association. Many homesteads began to be built in the 1920s. In Dalarna, there are now about fifty living homesteads.

Building maintenance and object collection played a major role for a long time. Local history research has been conducted and has also increased in recent years. The more the threats to our environment have grown, the care of the cultural landscape and the cultural environment has been put in the foreground. Many home care providers have been involved in campaigns for the preservation of place names, for a living countryside and for the city / urban area as a home area.

Dalarnas Hembygdsförbund was formed at Ankarcronas Holen, Tällberg, on July 4, 1915, and in 1930 it merged with Dalarnes Fornminnesförening, formed in 1862, to Dalarnas Fornminnes- och hembygdsförbund.


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