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For the school

How to book school programs

Send email to: bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se
label the email: School program.
Let us know the following:
-time schedule
contact information (telephone and e-mail)
-school's name
-number of students
invoice address and possibly reference number

Which year groups / groups do we accept? Everyone, from 5-year-olds in preschool to students in college and SFI classes.
Do you have your own wishes about how you want to use us, our exhibitions and our knowledge - contact us and we will find a solution!




Ohtsedidh - Sami cultural expressions in Central Sweden

Go. 4-6 and 7-9
Price: 450 kr
Group size: Each 12
Duration: 1 hour

The school program can be booked in the spring of 2023

For a long time there has been a Sami population in Dalarna. In archives and in folk tradition, a group of people who live a little apart from, but still in symbiosis with, the surrounding society emerges. Despite the fact that there are many sources, we know very little about the Sami cultural history in the region.
There is not only one Sami history. The places, occupations and languages ​​can separate many Sami people. Who were the Southern Sami and how is their cultural heritage expressed?

Ohtsedidh is a traveling exhibition that tells about Sami tracks in Central Sweden. In the exhibition, you will be able to read that Sami people have existed and left traces for several hundred years in Dalarna, Gävleborg and Västmanland. If you want to take part in classroom material, student material and teacher's guidance for the exhibition, you will find it here

Arrangement: The show consists of interactive elements where the class, together with a museum educator, learns more about the history of the Sami people in Dalarna. The students also get to test techniques within Sami craft tradition.

Relevant topics: History, Religion and Social Sciences.

Read more about the program here…

Discover and explore the graphics - Who were the Falugraphics?

Go. 7-9 and high school
Price: 800 kr
Group size: 16 pcs
Duration: 2 hours

The program is primarily recommended for grades 7-9, but can be adapted so that it is also suitable for upper secondary school.

We explore Dalarna Museum's graphic collection, where the students can take part in art graphic works by, among others, the Falugrafikers. What is graphics and how have you worked with the various art graphic techniques throughout the ages. Through dialogue, we explore the art together, which is followed by a workshop in our workshop where the students get to test a graphic technique and make their own graphic prints.

Read more about the program here…

The neck and the fiddler

Go. F-class ride.3
Price: DKK 1000
Group size: 20 pcs.
Length: 75 min.

According to old folklore, there are a number of beings that populate the world and that have had different functions.

Here you are treated to an interactive performance based on old stories about fiddlers and necks. How is the fiddler to become a master fiddler, he needs help and seeks out the necks.

After the performance, we talk about some beings that exist in our folk beliefs and what their functions were once upon a time. With inspiration from the traditional stories, the children themselves get to create their own being.

Read more about the program here…

Valley painters for a day - what, how and why did the valley painters paint?

Go. 3-6, 7-9 and high school
Price: 800 kr
Group size: 16 pcs
Duration: 2 hours

We recommend the program primarily for grades 3-9, but the content can be adapted so that it is also suitable for upper secondary school.

How did the valley painters get inspiration and what colors and techniques did they use when they painted cabinets and walls in the 1700th and 1800th centuries? What were the living conditions in Dalarna in the middle of the 1700th century and how is it that valley painting started at that time? Together we look at our solid collection of valley paintings and dive deep into a few selected works and talk about content and its background. What motifs did they paint and why did they paint?

After that, there will be a workshop in our workshop where you can try out the technique and make your own valley painting. If you only want a viewing, that's fine too.

Welcome to be a valley painter for a day!

Read more about the program here…

Feel the history - about archeology and the people of antiquity

Go. 3-6
Price: 800 kr
Group size: 24 pcs
Duration: 2 hours

We recommend the program primarily for grades 3-6, but the content can be adapted so that it is also suitable for F-class up to grade 9.

In the school program Feel the story students learn more about archeology as a method and source of knowledge, as well as about the conditions the people who lived in ancient times had and how they used the resources they had available in the local area. Together with an archaeologist / educator from the Dalarna museum, we talk about things such as:

  • What does an archaeologist do?
  • How to use archaeological source material to ask questions of the material and learn about ancient times and thus gain knowledge about the people who lived in Dalarna several thousand years ago.
  • What is preserved in the ground and what is not preserved?
  • About the importance of being source-critical towards the material to be interpreted.
  • What to do if you find something really old?
  • About timelines and different perspectives on time

Read more about the program here

Bataki's wonderful journey through the museum

This program cannot be booked for spring semester 2023, due to renovations. Welcome to book autumn 2023.

Go. 3-5
Price: 450 kr
Group size: 20 pcs
Duration: 1 hour

We recommend the program primarily for grade F class year 3, but the content can be adapted so that it is also suitable for other ages.

Bataki, the Raven, loved everything that was secret, everything that gave reason for pondering and pondering and set the mind in motion.

In Selma Lagerlöf's Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey through Sweden, we meet the wise raven Bataki, the one who loved the city of Falun. Now Bataki has landed in the Dalarna museum and anyone who wants to can follow him on a dramatized tour through the Dalarna museum, a tour that will hopefully give rise to pondering and reflection and will set the mind in motion!

Read more about the program here…




Visit the museum on your own

Consider the following:

  • Notify in advance which day and time you intend to visit the museum. Wait for an answer from us that it is ok, that it does not conflict with other activities.
  • State which school, grade, how many students and if student groups come at different times
  • Place the visit during the museum's regular opening hours at 11:00-17:00, only in exceptional cases can we open before regular opening hours.

Send email to: bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

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