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Bataki's wonderful journey through the museum

The dramatized screening is led by the raven Bataki, from Selma Lagerlöf's "Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey through Sweden". Bataki, beloved according to Lagerlöf's book, Falun, and even better suited to show Dalarna's history than he. Bataki takes us on a tour around the museum and takes a look at the history of Dalarna and tells us about what is typical of the current time and also shows how society changes over time. There is not just one story, but many stories to tell. Bataki thinks about how different events in history have affected us, how we would have lived if we lived in times other than our own. What would we have learned if we went to school 100 years ago, how would we have dressed if we lived two hundred years ago. Where did you go to the toilet three hundred years ago? Bataki also tells about her "mother" Selma Lagerlöf and her work "Nils Holgersson's wonderful journey through Sweden" and what Sweden she portrays and how it differs from today's society.


We recommend the program primarily for F-class-Year 3, but the program can be adapted to other ages.

Send your booking request to bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

SEK 450, 1 hour

Connection to Lgr 22

F class

Language and communication

  • Talk, listen, ask questions and present your own thoughts, opinions and arguments about different areas that are familiar to the students, for example ethical issues and everyday events.

Nature, technology and society

  • Nature and people's living conditions in the hometown and other places during different times, based on the students' experiences and interests.

History, religion, geography (society-oriented subjects)

Grades 1-3

To live together

  • Migration within a country and between countries. What causes and consequences could this have
  • Depictions of people's living conditions in the past, for example in children's literature, songs and films. Memories told by people living now.

Living in the local area

  • The history of the home town and what the local places, buildings and everyday objects can tell about life there during different times.
  • The role of Christianity in school and in the hometown in the past.

To examine reality

  • Timelines and time concepts past, present and future.


Grades 1-3


  • Fiction for children from different times and different parts of the world. Songs, oral storytelling, picture books, chapter books, poetry, drama, fairy tales and myths. Texts that highlight people's experiences.
  • Some fictionally significant children's book authors and illustrators


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