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Digital material

The history of Sweden

Digital teaching resource

How can a Viking treasure found in Mora teach you more about hygiene in the Viking Age? And how did a pilgrimage mark from France end up in Dalarna? You can learn about this and much more via the Dalarna Museum's lessons on the digital teaching resource Sweden's history.

Sweden's History is a new, national investment in the history subject for compulsory school and is launched by the State Historical Museums, Dalarna Museum and sixteen other museums from all over the country.

With the museums' collections as a base, all students and teachers are offered an interactive teaching resource, which is based on the curriculum and which has been developed in close collaboration with the school. The resource is available to everyone and free for everyone. The history of Sweden is a source of fun-filled learning, where students gain knowledge of history, while building the ability to critically examine and history awareness.

Our hope is that schools around the country will see  The history of Sweden as a valuable asset in teaching.

Falu sausage and copper ore

Sandaskatten from Mora


Ohtsedidh is a project that wants to make visible and spread knowledge about a Sami cultural heritage outside today's reindeer husbandry area.
A Sami population has long existed in Central Sweden. Despite the fact that the sources are many, we know very little about the Sami cultural history in the region. There is not just one Sami history: the mountain Sami's seasonal stays, parish patches, forest Sami and Sami on temporary visits. They leave different traces in both the archives and the landscape.
Who were these southern Sami and how is their cultural heritage expressed?

Read more here.

Color a valley painting

Valley painting refers to a popular decorative painting, which first appeared on furniture but later wandered out on the walls of well-to-do farmers.

Dalmåleriet is perhaps one of the most unique in Swedish folk art and reaches its peak around the turn of the century 1800.

Here you can download and print valley paintings in pdf.


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