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Creative school

Pleasurable learning

You have well thought that at Dalarna's museum there are a number of different special skills in the field of culture that can help you fulfill the goals in the curriculum in a new, exciting and cross-border way. In addition to museum educators, there are e.g. archaeologists, building antiquarians and archivists. We already offer a number of school programs today and these can be used to advantage within the funds for Creative School. We can also tailor and develop programs together with you to meet your needs and wishes.

Remember that we as a museum have the original objects! We can pick out a selection of objects from different times which we then shape in different ways, e.g. paints, makes a three-dimensional model of, collage technique, etc. We talk about the objects and think about how old they are, who used the object and why. We can also together create a timeline where the objects are placed at the right time.

Or you can together with archaeologists from Dalarna's museum try to be an "archaeologist for a day". Then we become scientists and carry out a "real" archaeological investigation in the schoolyard. In this way, students learn about the archaeological method, the preservation conditions of different materials and source criticism. By further processing the findings; weigh, measure, draw on a scale, describe in words additional subjects are integrated into the exercise.

The possibilities are, as you understand, many! Feel free to contact us and we will come up with ideas together.

E-mail: bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

All educational programs that we offer can also be applied for through a creative school. See our school program here.

Examples of programs we could do:

Discover and explore graphics

We explore Dalarna's museum's graphic collection where students can take part in art graphic works by Falugrafikerna. What is graphics and how have you worked with the various art graphic techniques through the ages. Through dialogue, we explore the art together, which is followed by a workshop in our workshop where students can test different techniques and make their own graphic prints. In the workshop part, the content can be linked to a current topic that the school is working on or has wishes for.

  • Grade: suitable for grades 3-9
  • Cost: Price according to quote
  • Participant: max 15 pcs
  • Time required. 2 hours
  • Visit us: 30 minutes
  • Workshop: 90 minutes.
  • Cost: 1000 kronor / group

Archaeologist for a day

- conducts an archaeological investigation in the schoolyard

With the help of an archaeologist from Dalarna's museum, the students can carry out an archaeological excavation in the schoolyard. Together we seek answers to questions such as; What happened at the scene? When did it happen? Who has lost the objects and how can it be preserved in the ground?

Through this exercise, the students get to pick out the detective himself and see the story behind the findings. At the same time, they gain knowledge of what is preserved in the earth and what not and learn critical thinking.

  • Grade: suitable for grades 1-6, during May, June, August and September.
  • Cost: 1000 kronor / group
  • Participant: 25 pieces
  • Time required: the excavation with exercises takes about 2 hours. The archaeologist needs another hour for preparation and preparation of the area and about 30 minutes for removal
  • Cost: SEK 1000 / class, travel costs will be added

link to the Swedish Arts Council, and you are applying for money for a Creative School

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