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Study boxes

Borrow a study box

Dalarnas Museum's study boxes function as a complement to the regular teaching. The study boxes are designed so that they can be easily used in the classroom. Each box contains a teacher's guide and tips on exercises.

The loan of the box is free of charge. As we only have one copy of each box, the loan period is limited to three weeks. The boxes are picked up and left at Dalarna's museum, if no other agreement is made.

For booking a study box, send an email to: bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

The Stone Age box

The study box about the Stone Age is compiled and produced by archaeologists and educators at Dalarna's museum (2017). The box focuses on the Stone Age in Dalarna and is largely focused on tactile and practical learning. The box contains both genuine Stone Age objects interspersed with copies of such. The objects in the box are divided into different themes such as hunting, fishing, cooking, ceramic making, making fire and tool making. The box is accompanied by a teacher's guide with facts and suggestions for exercises. The box also includes another teacher's guide on archeology in general, a CD with Old Norse sounds and slide shows to work on in school.

When you borrow the Stone Age box, it is also possible to book a digital meeting with an Archaeologist. The class then has the opportunity to ask questions and deepen the knowledge. We send an invitation to a video call via Teams to you who are a teacher. In the classroom, you connect your computer to a projector and speakers. For booking and questions email: bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

Dimensions and weight of the Stone Age box: 45x37x25 cm and 11 kg.

The Sami box

The box is compiled by Ajtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum in Jokkmokk and is about Sami, one of Sweden's national minorities. In the northernmost Dalarna is the southernmost Sami village in Sweden. With the help of clothes, costume-clad doll, games, lasso, objects in leather, wood and horns, written material, map, video, music, etc., you can learn more about the Sami life, religion and tradition then and now. In order for the box to contain specific information about the Sami in Dalarna, the box has been supplemented with two books called Idre Sami village - with historical traces in the future (2004) and the Sami culture in Idre (2006) and a brochure Discover the Sami culture in Idre (2002). Dimensions and weight of the Sami box: 44x45x25cm and 9,6 kg.

Read more at Ohtsedidh.


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