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Discover and explore the graphics

In this program we take a closer look at our art graphic collection and get to know the Falu graphic artists. Who were they and how is it that we have a tradition in Falun of art graphics. After talking about different works of art and materials and techniques, we go to our workshop and create our own graphic prints.

We recommend the program for grades 7-9 and high school

Send your booking request to bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

SEK 800 / screening + workshop, 2 hours
SEK 450 / For viewing only, 45-60 minutes

Connection to Lgr 22

Image grades 7–9

Image creation

  • Production of narrative, informative and community-oriented images on issues of concern to students.
  • Two- and three-dimensional image work.

Techniques, tools and materials

  • Shapes, colors and image compositions as well as their meaning-bearing properties and how these can be used in image-making work.
  • Tools and materials for two- and three-dimensional image work. How these tools and materials can be used for specific purposes.

Image analysis

  • Contemporary art and documentary images as well as art and architecture from different times and cultures. How the images and works are designed and what messages they convey.

High School


  • Concepts for picture conversation from different perspectives, for example color and shape, gender and class, ethnicity and age.
  • Orientation in a variety of two-dimensional techniques in traditional materials and methods as well as in new techniques and media. Expressiveness and craftsmanship in some techniques.
  • Practical image work and artistic compositional traditions for two- and three-dimensional images, color theories and color systems, pictorial theories and models, and basic communication theories. How the image and the structure of the image communicate with the viewer and how the viewer interprets the image based on its components. Work with designing figurative messages with clear intentions.

Image theory

  • Art theory and art science.
  • The picture from different aspects, for example historical and contemporary aspects as well as gender, ethnicity, class and age aspects.


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