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Deepen your knowledge or history

There are many ways to assimilate the knowledge Dalarna's museum manages and conveys. On this page we have collected some of it, and created some easier entrances. Also click on the website. Maybe you will find something more exciting you did not know about Dalarna and our cultural history!

Get inspired by following our various sources of knowledge.

Bake historical cakes

Here we collect various historical cake recipes.
Good luck with the baking!


Here we collect various historical crafts.
Good luck with the craft!


Here you can see our films.

The seven wonders of the valleys

In 2020, Dalarna's seven wonders were voted on. 377 nominations were 70 entries which became 7 winners.

Kurbits in quarantine

During the month of May 2020, the Dalarna Museum's project Kurbits was quarantined. We invited everyone to create their own interpretation of kurbits.

The Vasa legend

200 years after Gustav Vasa lived, the first real Vasamanin erupted. But why was Vaasa so popular? And who was his biggest supporter in the 1700th century?

Traditions and holidays

Here we present traditions, local and national, known and unknown.
The page is filled with more traditions and holidays on an ongoing basis.

Stories from the archive

The Dalarna Museum's collections of objects, images, films and archive documents contain so much knowledge about various events associated with Dalarna, but also exciting personal history.


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