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Do you have a book that fits in here.
Send a picture of the book's cover, information, price and contact information where it can be ordered to: marina.andersson@dalarnasmuseum.se

The crossbow 2000-2022

The crossbow resurrects!

This year's edition "The Crossbow. Dalasoldater 2000-2022" will reflect events and developments during these years, when the Dalregementsgruppen conducted training activities within the framework of the Home Guard, but also managed the regiment's traditions.

Different vintages of the Crossbow are available for purchase at the Dalregementet's museums.

Price: 150: -
Order: info@dalregementetsmuseer.se

Dictionary of the Rättvik case

Second edition of the dictionary which is the result of a study circle which has been working for more than forty years and which is still active.
Not just a dictionary but also a grammar and pronunciation theory.

Price: 300: -
Order: info@rattvikhembygd.se.

Mockfjärd memories

Mockfjärdsminnen contains a collection of pictures and stories about Mockfjärd a long time ago - and not so long ago. We get to know how the railway came about, how the power plants and river bridges were built, about a number of shops that existed, as well as artists, photographers, historical visitors and other interesting people. The book also contains a number of stories about and from Mockfjärd. A large number of people have contributed photos and stories. Last but not least, a list of over 1000 words in mock bay goals is included.

Price: 150: -
Order: m.hembygd@outlook.com

Folkärna – a brief orientation

Price: 20: -
Order: ma@jok.se

Sool Island 2022 50 years

The island of Sool celebrates 50 years and does so with an issue that mixes both old and new, and a variety of topics, from geology to golf, with Sollerön as the common thread. This issue is presented in book form, but in the future the publication will take place via the association's website.

Order: info@sollero-hembygd.se

Dressed in Nås

Margaret Jonth

The book gives a detailed picture of how the people in Nås parish in Västerdalarna dressed for 400 years. A description that is possible thanks to a meticulous review of archival sources including preserved estate records, church records and travelogues and other literature. Together with well-known fashion trends and political currents, a puzzle has been put together. Artists' pictures, early photographs and inventories of preserved costume garments in the area and museum collections as well as recordings and interviews of older Nås residents give extra color and life to the depiction, not least through all dialectal words and expressions.

Price: 395: -
Order: margareta.jonth@telia.com

Gagnefsdräkten - A locally distinctive costume

The book Gagnefstdräkten describes and illustrates the rich costume tradition in Gagnefs parish. It aims to encourage everyone to recognize, preserve, nurture and, above all, to wear the traditional clothes with pride. Gagnef clothes from different time periods are in the Gagnefs Memorial House Foundation's collection and are displayed at the Ottilia Adelborg Museum in Gagnef.

Price: 300: -
Order: lena.nordesjo@gmail.com

Svärdsjö Hembygdsförening through 100 years

In 1921, the first board of Svärdsjö Hembygdsförening was formed. More than a hundred years later, the association still exists, and they celebrate it with a book. Using old protocols, newspaper clippings and activity reports, the local community association has been able to research and find out how things used to be. But everything they have found has not found a place in the book, but it is a selection.

“What we want with this book release is to summarize the last hundred years. That it should in itself provide memories and stories, and that it should make people more interested in the culture and natural heritage of the homeland. That you can feel joy and pride in passing it on to future generations "
No Masons

Price: 200: -

Karlfeldt's wild flora

Bengt Jonsell

The botanist Bengt Jonsell, together with the photographers Jan Thomas Johansson and Mats Wilhelm, has created a richly illustrated flora with Erik Axel Karlfeldt as a starting point. Here the lyric thus met with botany in a marvelous and multifaceted way as Odd Zschiedrich, chairman of the Karlfeldt Society put it.

Price: 299: -
Order: Bokus

Norns Bruk-today, yesterday and a long time ago

Bengt-Erik Johansson

The history of Norn's mill is part of Swedish industrial history. The book describes how the mill was founded and managed. who the owners were, how iron production developed and changed. The book brings the history of Norn to the present and also tells about Norn's twentieth century. About the lumberjack and raft society. Norn's mill has been declared a listed building since 2003.

Price: 280: -
Order: Bokus

Bodarna and Stortäkt - two villages in Bjursås

Bengt Jonsell

Local history from Bjrusås can be read about in "Bodarna och Stortäkt. Two villages in Bjrusås”. A solid depiction of two villages, with extensive visual material.

Award: :-
Order: Bjursås home village association

Björkboda and Marnäs
-two villages in Enviken parish

Travel to Enviken without getting up off the couch. Björkboda and Marnäs is a detailed description of two villages in Enviken and its history, its farms, people and businesses.
On the occasion of Enviken's local history association's 50th anniversary, an anniversary publication has been published with interesting reflections on the association's history.

Price: 220: -
Order: envikenshembygdsforening@outlook.com

Folkärna Hembygdsförening 1926-1937

Price: 30: -
Order:  ma@jok.se

Folkärna home village association 50 years

Price: 30: -
Order:  ma@jok.se

Folklore stories

Price: 30: -
Order:  ma@jok.se

Folkärna Hembygdsförening 1926-1935

Price: 15: -
Order:  ma@jok.se

Karlfeldt's breeding grounds

Price: 30: -
Order:  ma@jok.se


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