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Here are the correct answers to "What do you really know about Dalarna?"

Dagsverket number 2-2022

1. 1919

2. 28 square meters

3. Victor Hugo Wickström

4. Malung

5. Gustaf de Laval

6. Ottilia Adelborg

7. Sergei Viktorovich Lovrov

8. Ylwa Thorn

Dagsverket number 1-2022

  1. Bluebell.
  2. Borlänge.
  3. Avesta, Borlänge, Falun, Ludvika, Säter and Hedemora.
  4. Billie August.
  5. Anders Walerius.
  6. Folkärna parish.
  7. Hurdle runner.
  8. Aina Stenberg.


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