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Shelter landscape and grassland music

The return of the landscape

The project Fäbod landscape and grassland music in Dalarna has investigated phenomena in summer pasture culture in general and grassland music in particular, from both historical and contemporary perspectives. This is to present new knowledge about the significance and changeability of the summer pasture system, how it was and is to be human in the summer pasture culture, and how traditions, styles and expressions in grassland music have changed over time and what these changes may be due to.

Contextual, in-depth knowledge with an interdisciplinary character has been one of the goals of the project as most perspectives have been presented: Ethnological, musicological, artistic, agrarian, women's historical, folkloristic and archaeological. In addition, the summer pasture culture has been presented from a microhistorical perspective where the individual's daily work has been highlighted. New recordings of decoys and other grass music have been made during the project.

The project has involved many important external collaborations with researchers from the University of Agriculture, the Royal College of Music, Stockholm University, Dalarna University, the Nordic Museum and the Swedish Visarkiv. The knowledge and experience from freelance artists and representatives of today's summer pastures have also been included in the project.

The results from the project's surveys are presented in the Dalarna Yearbook 2019 “Fäbodlandskap och vallmusik”. The shack culture and its music are also depicted in two short films.

You can order the book Fäbodlandskap och vallmusik here.

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