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Empowerment and Heritage In-Motion: The Sonic Experience of Performing Kulning as Embodied Meaning Construction

Why is Kulning such a popular vocal expression today, even outside the summer pastures' fences? What happens in us, in our bodies and in our senses when we bulge and how do we connect these experiences to our personal and shared memories? And why does it make sense for us to get involved in poppy music and express ourselves through it?

These questions are leading in music antiquarian Jennie Tiderman-Österberg's doctoral project at the Örebro Academy of Music, in collaboration with Dalarna's museum. The project is an affect study and theories about the femininity of the feminine coded body and how we interpret it are indicative. The method is ethnographic and is based on observations and interviews with ballerinas in Sweden today.

The research is conducted part-time and the dissertation is expected to be presented in 2027 as the latest.

The project is carried out with the support of the King. Gustav Adolf's Academy of Swedish Folk Culture and the Iris Scholarship.


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