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Hunters as farmers, farmers as hunters

Hunters as farmers, farmers as hunters - animals, people w
and landscapes in the interior of central Scandinavia 1000 BC E-500 CE

Joakim Wehlin, Uppsala University and Magnus Odebäck Ljunge, Stockholm University

One of the greatest stages of development in human history is the agricultural revolution. Before the arrival of agriculture we lived as hunters, but now we became farmers. The statement is of course simplified, but nevertheless an image that is still conveyed and that is rarely problematized in depth. It is therefore easy to ignore the enormous importance of hunting and fishing for humans even after the advent of agriculture. The goal of the project is therefore to problematize this rough division between hunters and farmers.

What happened to the hunters, or rather the hunt, and the importance of the wild animals?  We also want to challenge this picture and study the variations in what is usually categorized as agriculture, such as different varieties of cultivation or animal husbandry.

The project is funded by the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund 2020-2022

Here you can read more about the research project


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