Ohtsedidh - Sami cultural expressions in Central Sweden

The county museums in Dalarna, Gävleborg and Västmanland and the Gaaltije Foundation - Southern Sami Cultural Center

Projects want to make visible and spread knowledge about a Sami cultural heritage outside today's reindeer husbandry area.

A Sami population has long existed in Central Sweden. Despite the fact that the sources are many, we know very little about the Sami cultural history in the region.

There is not just one Sami history: the mountain Sami's seasonal stays, parish patches, forest Sami and Sami on temporary visits. They leave different traces in both the archives and the landscape. Who were these southern Sami and how is their cultural heritage expressed?

The project is funded by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg, Region Västmanland and the Sami Parliament 2017-2020

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