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Books from the publisher

Dalarnas Museum publishes books, magazines, pamphlets, reports and exhibition catalogs.
Look this spring webshop where we have a selection of our published books, the book is not there to send an e-mail to butiken@dalarnasmuseum.se for ordering.

Dalarnas Hembygdsförbund's yearbooks

Times of change
Yearbook 2021
Dala modernism-
Buildings in Dalarna
1930 – 1980
Shack landscape
and grass music
Yearbook 2019
Photographers in Dalarna
Yearbook 2018


Dagsverket no. 1-21 Dagsverket no. 2-21 Dagsverket no. 3-21 Dagsverket no. 4-21

Click on the image or text below to read Dagsverket as a pdf.

Dalarnas Museum's series of reports

Here it will be filled with reports afterwards.
If there is a report you are looking for, send an email to butiken@dalarnasmuseum.se

Dikarbacken pdf.

Reports Archeology

Archaeological report_EnviksbynArchaeological report_Saxhyttan
Enviksbyn pdf.The scissors cabin pdf.The present. pdf.Bu and Risätra.pdf

Click on the image or text below to read the report as a pdf.

Reports Buildings

lookout tower
lime use
Black nose

Here you will find more yearbooks.

Here you will find more books and writings.

Here you can read older issues of Dagsverket

More archeological reports can be found here.

Appendices to the Cultural History Inventory Svartnäs Cemetery.
Appendix 1, Cultural-historical value
Appendix 2, Valuable graveyards in area A
Appendix 3, Valuable graveyards in area B
Appendix 4, Valuable graveyards in area C


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