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Everything has a story

The collection at Dalarna's museum started as early as 1862 and the object population grew in different ways. On the one hand, active collection was carried out from the museum's side and on the other hand, a lot of objects and archivists were donated to the museum by people who wanted to enrich the museum's artefacts.

Today, there are many thousands of objects in the museum's magazine and exhibitions. Here you will find, among other things, household utensils, furniture, textiles, old weapons, medieval sculptures, musical instruments, art and ancient finds.







Ragnar and Birgit Åhlén's foundation for art in Dalarna - Åhlénska foundation

In connection with the planning of the exhibitions for the new museum building, the Ragnar and Birgit Åhlén Foundation for Art in Dalarna was formed in 1956. The foundation shall work to "acquire and for the future preserve, nurture and maintain such works by artists, born from or active in Dalarna…" The foundation has purchased older art such as Pehr Hilleströms Gustav III's visit to the Falu mine but also contemporary works such as Jan Laggar's impressive self-portrait The Schnauzerman. The collection comprises just over 250 issues with a total of approximately 500 works.

Dalarna's insurance company's cultural foundation

In connection with Försäkringsbolaget's 150th anniversary in 1996, eight million was set aside for a foundation to be able to purchase valuable objects to "promote scientific research concerning Dalarna's history and cultural heritage". After the formation, the return has financed purchases of just over six million for the collection. Here you will find, among other things, Dalarna's oldest car (Oldsmobile 1903) and Scandinavia's oldest dated loom from the 1500th century.


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