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A picture is worth a thousand words

The Dalarna Museum has an extensive and interesting collection of photographs. We estimate the number of motifs at about 2 million consisting of photographs, negatives, slides and postcards. Four daguerreotypes from the 1840s are the oldest photographs in the collections and among the older paper images are 81 hand-colored business card photographs that show people in their parish costumes. The collections stretch in time from the 1840s to the present and they show people and environments, ancient monuments, industries, sports and much more. Much of the material is named based on the photographer, but if it is registered, it will also be searchable for its content.

Some of the more well-known photographers who are represented in our photo archive are CG Rosenberg, Severin Nilson, Carolin von Knorring, Gustaf Reimers, Lars Larsson, Albin Andersson, Selma Westberg and Karl-Erik Forsslund. The image archive also contains many collections from rural photographers from all over Dalarna.

Collections are usually received as a gift, but it happens that we also buy collections of importance to our business. We accept photo collections if they originate in Dalarna or are otherwise connected to our landscape and county. Photographs and negatives are stored in acid-free envelopes in a climate-controlled archive to guarantee the longest possible service life. Through our photo agency, you can order photos for different areas of use.


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