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Silence - shooting

What can a moving image add to the stories of our common past? In them we can see how people work, how they move in dance and what body language they have. In moving images, we get more dimensions of how people have lived and we can in close-ups see both facial expressions and subtle mine games. Therefore, our film archive can both be a source of knowledge about historical events and people, but also an important part of our mediating activities.
In 2002, the film Inventory project started in Dalarna, where we located where we could find moving images from, and about, Dalarna's history. The project became the basis of our film productions that were made available to the public in DVD editions. The first edition, Hänt va 'dä' här i Dalom by Sven Nilsson, came in 2004. Since then, Dalarnas museum has produced 35 films, all of which are available at vimeo.com/dalarnasmuseum.
Our film archive is constantly updated by the material used in our in-depth short films, where different themes are varied based on the museum's other activities.
Through the film activities at Dalarna's museum, Dalarna's cultural history comes to life.

Sven Nilsson was the Sörmlander who became Dalarna's most diligent filmmaker. In over 500 film documents, he portrayed the landscape in large and in small. From his company in Falun, he made commissioned films, industrial films, commercials, sports films and parish films. He filmed for local associations, municipalities, the church, the regiment, the county council, companies, political parties and organizations. In addition, he made some of his own films. He filmed the entire landscape, from Töfsingdalen to Krylbo. That it was Dalarna that was to be described is indicated by the company mark - a Dala map. During the 1970s, Dalarna's museum had a close collaboration with Sven Nilsson, which resulted in his surviving film collection ending up in the museum as well as the rights to his company name "svennilssonfilm".


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