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House types

Short films about different types of houses in Dalarna are presented here.

Part 1
The single cottage

For those who want to see the nice single cottages in the landscape, a visit to Djurabyarna Hedby-Brändan and Norr Rälta in Leksand is recommended. There are also many old detached houses in Morabyarna and in Våmhus and on Sollerön. Zorn's old farm in Utmeland includes several particularly ancient examples. Remember to show respect and consideration and to keep your distance from your journey!

Part 2

For those of you who want to see the nice couple cottages in real life, there are some on most homesteads. For example, Fräsgården in Ytterboda (Leksand), Lisskvarngården in Nås, Bjursås hembygdsgård (Dössberget), Lima's hembygdsgård (Västansjö-Torgås) and Matsgården in Östbjörka (Rättvik). Out in the landscape there are many preserved older couple cottages in Gagnef, Bjursås, Rättvik and Boda parishes.

Part 3
Side chamber cottage

If you want to see side chamber cottages in real life, there are especially many in Västerdalarna

Part 4
Cross plan house

Cross-plan houses are found almost everywhere in Dalarna. A particularly exciting excursion destination can be Björbo in Floda parish.

Part 5
Hall building

Hall buildings are found in most parishes, but rarely in high concentration. There may be one, or a couple per village when it comes to Upper Dalarna. In the Dalaberg Act, they are more common. There are many in Husby and Stora Skedvi parishes, among others.