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Dalarna Museum is for everyone, and we are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our premises, exhibitions, and programs. With this description, we aim to inform you about the possibilities available when you visit Dalarna Museum with a disability. Upon arrival at Dalarna Museum, our staff at the reception will be happy to assist you.

If you have any questions before your visit to Dalarna Museum, you can email us: info@dalarnasmuseum.se or contact us at phone number 023-666 55 00. We also welcome feedback on accessibility from our visitors. Talk to the staff at the reception or email us at the same address as above.

General information:

• Parking spaces are available at Hälsingtorget, opposite the museum’s main entrance. Fee.
• Parking for people with disabilities is available at Hälsingtorget, opposite the museum’s main entrance. Fee.
• Drop-off and pick-up outside the museum’s main entrance (approximately 50 meters from the entrance door) are possible.
• The museum has automatic door openers.
• There are no thresholds.
• Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available on all floors.
• Unattended cloakroom and lockable lockers.
• Only guide dogs are allowed inside the museum premises; no other pets are allowed.
• Signage is primarily in Swedish. Leaflets in English, French, and German are available for the permanent exhibitions.

Visitors with allergies:

• No strong scents are used on soaps or other cleaning products in the museum.
• No allergenic flowers are present in our public spaces.
• We strive to avoid allergenic materials in exhibitions and furnishings. However, during the production of new exhibitions, there may occasionally be dust and strong odors.

Visitors with hearing impairments:

• A hearing loop is available in the auditorium and the entrance hall.
• A portable hearing loop is available at the reception and can be used as needed, as well as during guided tours – please ask the staff. • We always recommend our presenters to use a microphone.

Visitors with visual impairments:

• Some of Dalarna Museum’s exhibitions may be perceived as dark. This is necessary as many of the museum’s items are very sensitive to strong light.
• Stairs are marked with color on the top and bottom steps.
• Contrasting colors are present on the sides of display cases, and guiding paths are on the floor in the museum’s darkest areas.
• There are no tactile maps of the museum.
• There are no audio guides for the exhibitions.

Visitors with mobility impairments:

• Our exhibitions are adapted for wheelchairs and electric scooters.
• Two of our exhibition rooms/cultural historical interiors have limited accessibility as they are not adapted for wheelchairs. Please ask the staff.
• We have wheelchairs available for loan.
• There is an elevator to all floors.
• For programs in the auditorium and entrance hall, reserved audience seats are available for people with disabilities.

For families with children:

• Changing tables are available in the wheelchair-accessible toilet on the entrance floor.
• Strollers are available for loan.
• Room with toys where families with children can stay when no educational activities are taking place.
• Regular programs for children – check the website for current information.
• We strive for a child perspective in all exhibitions – remember that parents are responsible for their children in the museum’s exhibitions.

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Sustainability efforts at Dalarnas Museum

Dalarnas Museum is a county museum with a mission to collect, preserve, investigate, and exhibit both tangible things – objects – and the intangible, such as traditions, stories, rituals, and craftsmanship. Knowledge that is passed on from person to person.

It is a mission that has no end date, just like sustainability work. As long as there are people, there will be cultural heritage to protect and preserve, and as long as there is a planet, sustainability work needs to be carried out. At Dalarnas Museum, sustainability work is a natural part of the operation; it is ingrained in the DNA of the organization.

The museum has developed a sustainability policy used as guidance in the work to achieve social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The long-term goal is for Dalarnas Museum to continually evolve towards being a sustainable destination and to be recognized as such. Here are some examples of how Dalarnas Museum works with sustainability!

Sustainability within the operation:

  • Many of the products in the museum shop are locally produced.
  • We use environmentally certified consumables.
  • Unnecessary paper printing is avoided.
  • All lighting is to be replaced with energy-efficient alternatives.
  • To minimize carbon dioxide emissions, we always consider the option of meeting digitally instead of traveling for business purposes.
  • Chemicals and materials used in the conservation of objects are replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives.


  • All exhibition materials, including packing materials that can be reused, are saved and used again at a later time.
  • Exhibition materials that cannot be reused within the museum’s operations are sold in the museum shop.
  • Exhibition brochures that visitors do not wish to take home are reused.

Waste Sorting:

  • All waste is sorted.
  • Sorting bins are available in both staff areas and public areas of the museum.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Do you have tips on how Dalarnas Museum can become more sustainable? Big or small!
We would love to hear your input. Email us at: info@dalarnasmuseum.se


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