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We begin with a performance where the children get to meet the fiddler and the neck and become part of the fiddler's desire to become a master fiddler. After the performance, we deepen our knowledge of folk beliefs and take a closer look at some famous beings and talk about their functions in the past. The children can then create their own imaginative creatures in the form of stick puppets to which they assign different characteristics, here are opportunities for you to continue with dramatizations on your own in the classroom with the children's puppets after the visit.

We recommend the program for F-class ride.3

Send your booking request to bokning@dalarnasmuseum.se

SEK 1000 / performance + workshop, 75 min.

Connection to Lgr 22

 F class

  • Nature and people's living conditions at home and other places during different times
  • Creation through play, image, music, dance, drama and other aesthetic forms of expression.

Grades 1-3


Image creation

  • Production of narrative images, for example fairy tale images and illustrations for stories

Techniques, tools and materials

  • Some tools and materials for drawing, painting, modeling and constructions 

Geography, Religion, History:

To live together

  • Depictions of people's living conditions in the past, for example in children's literature, songs and films. Memories told by people living now

Living in the local area

  • The history of the home town and what the local places, buildings and everyday objects can tell about life there during different times.


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