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Photographers in Dalarna

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Photographers in Dalarna
Dalarnas Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförening's yearbook 2018

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Photographers in Dalarna
Dalarna Antiquities and Homeland Association yearbook 2018
By Christer Bergin

This book presents the art of photography and its practitioners in Dalarna with both definitions and perspectives. We get to follow the landscape's photographers, born or active in the county, through their professional activities in short or long reports; their introduction to the profession, contacts, successes, setbacks, family ties and influences during the period 1840-1940. Many strange threads are unraveled when a new profession is introduced. In Dalarna's museum there is a large collection of pictures; photographs, negatives and glass plates. It is material from the 1840s until our time. Christer Bergin, former photo antiquarian at Dalarna's museum, reports in the book all the extensive knowledge he possesses and which he has acquired during more than 30 years of work at the museum. He, if anyone, knows Dalarna's photographers and their leftover treasures.



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