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Valley painting

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A parish craft

Valley painting refers to a popular decorative painting, which first appeared on furniture but later wandered out on the walls of well-to-do farmers.

Dalmåleriet is perhaps one of the most unique in Swedish folk art and reaches its peak around the turn of the century 1800.

In this exhibition, the background is explained, from where the painters got their inspiration and how they created their works. But above all, a rich selection of original paintings from the museum's large collection of valley paintings is displayed together with ornate furniture.

A valley painter's workshop with all the accessories and a completely painted and decorated room interior can be admired and considered.  

In a smaller room, we can then take part in the current use of the valley painting / kurbits in more commercial contexts.

The similarities with today's popular culture are more than you might first think. Fashion magazines were often sources of inspiration for the painters and silhouettes and equipment are sometimes picked directly from the newspaper pages. Using stencils was common so as not to have to invent the wheel every time. Old men are old men and old women are old women if they are not stopped in the age mill - because then they become young butter again.

New products with pumpkin-inspired patterns.


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