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The graphics room

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Axel, Bertil, David, Hans and more

The Dalarna Museum has an extensive collection of graphics. A selection of it can be seen in this exhibition, with emphasis on Falugrafikerna.

Many artists from Dalarna, e.g. Carl Larsson, Ottilia Adelborg and Anders Zorn, have used the graphic techniques to create art. Among the most famous are Falugrafikerna (Helge Zandén, Bertil Bull Hedlund, Stig Borglind, David Tägtström, Hans Norsbo), to which Axel Fridell is also usually included.

Sweden's perhaps most famous graphic magazine; Mr Simmons (The newspaper reader) by Axel Fridell can of course be viewed here.

A stand with parts from Stig Borglind's studio can be seen as well as one of the oldest known graphic presses in Europe.

Mr Simmons, State II.
Axel Fridell


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